Comedy StandUP Show

Welcome to our Stand Up Party «Comedy Heroes LTD» at «Native Speakers Cafe»! 

Native Speakers Cafe is a new project by Native Speakers Club, a new generation school where you can come and drink coffee, eat something tasty, talk and study with your language teacher, watch TED presentations and be involved in different language acitivities! 

Practice English, make new friends and have fun at «Native Speakers Cafe»! 

Doors: 8:00 PM
Start 8:30PM
Location: Native Speakers CafeBolshaya Dorogomilovskaya 14/1, metro station Kievskaya,
8 (926) 137-73-25
Entrance: FREE
We will be happy to see you!
Description:EMC is proud to present a special, limited show for Native Speakers Cafe, where a few of our finest Comedy Heroes from all around the world will perform some of their best jokes.The whole show is in English!