Storytelling в Native Speakers Cafe 

Once you step out of the ordinary, amazing things happen! Truly crazy ones start with a trouble, a TRAVEL TROUBLE. Story Open Mic invites you to share your own on the road stories! 

The time you ordered a Chinese food disaster, the time you lost your wallet and phone, the time you said a wrong word in a wrong neighbourhood. So many adventures so little time! What did your circling the globe or staying at a family’s country house has taught you? 

Come and tell your TRAVEL TROUBLE story! A few rules we have: 

— We tell stories in English 
— Our stories are 5-10 min long
— We tell true stories of our own 

Listen to you soon! 

Расскажите историю вашего сердца на нашем Story Open Mic. Язык мероприятия — английский. Продолжительность историй 5-10 минут. Мы ждем вас в Native Speakers Cafe 5 марта, в 18:30.